Meridian GNSS is a leading professional surveying and mapping technology company focusing on GNSS instrument, integrating R&D, production and sales. With a senior team in the industry, profound technology, high-quality products and perfect services, we are committed to the application of domestic high-precision positioning equipment in various industries, and provide users with comprehensive system solutions for BDS high-precision and related industries. Members are mostly involved in the GNSS erea for a long time.


To be the best high-precision GNSS equipment supplier, committed to providing customers with simple and efficient GNSS solutions and services, committed to popularizing precision and intelligence into all aspects of people's lives, contributing to building a digital, smart and efficient open society.

Quality Guaranteed

At Meridian, we keep in mind that quality is the foundation of our survival, and we guarantee product quality through the strict quality control procedure.

Innovation Motivated

As a high-tech enterprise, innovation is the fundamental driving force of Meridian, injecting vitality into generations of our products and solutions.

Customer Centered

Focused on the requirements and expectations of our customers, Meridian is committed to providing the most suitable and efficient products and solutions to serve our users.

Industry Proven

Efficient, reliable, professional and stable, the products and solutions of Meridian have been proven in the industry and users, and are constantly improving.

Social Contribution

At Meridian we are committed to infiltrating precision and intelligence into all aspects of people's lives, contributing to building an informatized, intelligent and efficient society.


Meridian provides 24/7 online support to global users. Users can obtain professional support and systematic training anytime and anywhere.